Arc. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour aka GRV aka the hopeful Nigerian is an Architect, public policy specialist an Activist and a Politician. After getting his Bachelors from the University of Nottingham , He worked in architecture firms in the UK before proceeding to get his masters degree at the Prestigious Massachusetts institute of technology MIT. During this time, he worked with both the American and Chinese government in relation to rebuilding New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and the Beijing Olympics respectively. His thesis at MIT was on creating a network of waste pickers and recycling centers in Lagos, to turn waste in to a major income and employment source , for this thesis, he got a distinction. On the successful completion of his March , he returned to Nigeria in 2009 where after his NYSC, he worked in Nigeria’s top architecture firms before setting up his firm to tackle the housing problem in Nigeria through the use of innovative and alternative construction methods to create affordable housing in Nigeria. He sits on the board of Alhuda construction Nigeria and the Delta international commercial city Ltd, he is also the founder of Spatial Tectonics.

A firm believer in social welfare, equity and justice, GRV just concluded his second Masters in Research and Public Policy, from the political science department of UNILAG. He is a practicing architect, social activist and avid writer; known for his stand against GMO’s in Nigeria and his campaign to bring back “history” as a subject to Nigerian schools.


Family & Early Life

GRV was born in to the Rhodes-Vivour family of Lagos on the 8th of march 1983. Great grandson to Justice SB Rhodes ( second indigenous judge ever appointed), grandson to Chief, Justice ARW Rhodes-Vivour , nephew to Supreme court Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour and son to Barrister Olawale and Barrister Nkechi Rhodes-Vivour. He is married to Dr. Ify Aniebo.


After successfully completing his A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology and Math, he went on to pursue a degree in Architecture. In Architecture, he saw a potential tool to solve problems, This was further amplified because at the time he lived in the heart of Paris and was acquainted with the work of Baron Hausmann who turned Paris from an unplanned ghetto in to the urban marvel it is today, he wanted the same for Lagos.

This journey took him to the University of Nottingham where their focus on sustainability and alternative energy (having lived with NEPA for so long, an alternative/ solution to NO light was very attractive), After working for a year in England, he started his three year masters program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) In Boston, during which they worked with the State government and NGOs on the rebuilding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, they also worked with the Chinese government in relation to the Beijing Olympics.

His thesis at M.I.T was titled ‘Formalizing The Informal’. It’s focus was the creation of a network of recycling centres with an aim to create a value chain of waste to wealth in Nigeria and minimize the way we waste-waste which was very well received.

He his currently wrapping up a master’s program (Masters in Research and Public Policy) at the political science department, University Of Lagos.

Professional Life

On the successful completion of his masters degree in Architecture , he returned to Nigeria in 2009 with an make an aim to make  impact on the affordable housing market through the use of innovative easily accessible construction methods and materials, the aim was to create affordable luxury. With our partners we worked on container-tecture as a means of not only up-cycling but reducing the cost of construction by over 45% whilst significantly reducing the time required for construction as well. Working with UNILAG, we developed an affordable student accommodation solution. Since then he has been involved in a number of large scale projects and Urban planning projects. He sits on the board of Alhuda construction Nigeria and the Delta international commercial city Ltd, he is also the founder of Spatial Tectonics.

Activism & Politics

GRV has been actively involved in the Anti-GMO struggle since 2015 ,He embarked on this because the public needed to be educated about the consequences of allowing GMO’s in to our country. These negative consequences have bearings on health, economy, food sovereignty and exports. Consumption of GMO foods are linked to negative health effects such as cancer etc, which is one of the reasons they are banned in most of Europe and parts of Asia. GRV believes that a nation should make sustainable decisions that ensure its natural biological systems endure and remain diverse and productive.

In championing this cause he published several articles in the national dailies, and used the media to educate and galvanize support. He has debated the former minister of Agriculture Mr Akinwumi Adesina in the National dailies, DG of NBDA on AIT and led a 2000 man march on the Senate in 2017.

On July 22nd , GRV contested for the position of Chairman Ikeja Local government on a little known party, creating structures and ultimately coming third without paying for a single vote. He has since joined the PDP bringing all his structure and followers along with him.

GRV is running to ensure there is a voice in the senate that prioritizes education and human development. A voice that would push for health care reform as well as food Sovereignty . A voice that would insist THE PEOPLE MUST COME FIRST. A representative that would use that platform to partner with global agencies and foundations to bring development, employment and education programs to the people of Lagos west. A representative that would work to ensure the people of Lagos west receive the dividends of Democracy.

We believe GRV from his antecedents has the intellect , network and capacity to get the job done to learn more about him, to watch his TV interviews and to  listen to his radio interviews.



``Gbadebo wants to run for chairmanship. He is a very good man. I wish him the best.``
Oluseun Onigbinde C.E.O BudgIT

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